Dick Brice, Dave Harvey and Keith Morgan Poets who speak for the Forest Forest Bards
 The following list of poems on the website is initially in themes and then alphabetical order Click on the one you want to read and we'll take you there or just browse at your leisure

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Kath Smith

Forest Bard 2004

Maggie Clutterbuck

Forest Bard 2005

Kay Wozencroft

Forest Bard 2006

Marion Boey

Forest Bard 2007

Annie Cavill

Forest Bard 2009

Jackie Morgan

Forest Bard 2011

George 'Dick' Dunkley

Forest Bard 2013-14




‘Precious Sight’ & ‘Blind Love’ by Dave Harvey


'After a Battle' by IJH


'Reclamation' by Vicky Hampton


‘Warren James: Freedom Fighter’ by Keith Morgan


'Justified' by Brenda Read-Brown


'When a Butterfly Lands' by Brenda Read-Brown


'The Wife' by Gordon White


‘Doctor, Doctor’ by Kay Wozencroft (Forest Bard 2006)


The Ladies of the Charity Shop by Peter Wyton